Hilary Knittel is NOT my name but you may be here because you’re looking for me

This is a post for those who don’t know my last name but might be looking for me.

Yes, I’m married to Tim Knittel but my name is Hilary Baumann. Some of this about SEO, I’m not going to chew you out for getting it wrong but I will correct you. Just like I politely correct people on how to pronounce my last name.

Baumann is my last name, always has been and always will be legally and personal brand. I have never considered for even a moment changing it. Never seemed right or equal to me. And this is not a comment about your choice if you wanted to change your last name either.

  • If you call me Mrs. Knittel I definitely won’t respond (that’s Tim’s mother not me.)
  • In fact I probably won’t respond if you call me Mrs. Baumann (I equate that with my mother, not me.)

I’m Hilary Baumann and I don’t really like titles like Mrs. or Ms. even because I’m a human being that’s not interested in spending time on focusing on my gender or marital status. Again, I’m typing this much more for the search engines more than anything else.

So if you go looking for Hilary Knittel or Hillary Knittle / Nittle if you spell it wrong you may still be in the right place.

Hilary one L.
Baumann two Ns.
And you’ve found me.