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Lesser used accounts & some info:

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Get started with Nostr

Get started with Nostr “#nostr is the protocol, you’re interacting with clients:
Generate a public and private key:
your private key is your login.
your public key is your handle.

Treat your private key carefully and do not enter your private key in random clients. Instead use Nosx2 or Alby. Nosx2 browser extension for Chrome or Firefox is going to be easier if you’ve never heard of these before: https://github.com/fiatjaf/nos2x

Then add your private key to the extension as well as several relay servers.

Relay server examples (do I know if these are good? No. I’m new at this):

Chat client I’m trying:

My Nostr public key: d90281392108e6cb021fb08375c593353ce61ca0009659f8628ceb0ed8bdae15