I think my neighbor’s cordless phone is interfering with my wifi…


So I’ve been having a problem with my wifi dropping randomly for all devices but I can hook in via ethernet and the router is still plugging away as if nothing was wrong. So this is the only thing I can figure since I have tried about everything; even bought a new wireless router and had the same problem (in retrospect it was probably the same problem – I returned it sure it was broken.)

It has been one of the many little things driving me crazy lately because I’ll be in the middle of a project and suddenly I have no internet access. I have to stop everything. Turn off all wireless devices, turn off the desktop computer I use as a server, turn off the network printer, unplug the wii, unplug the router, unplug the cable modem… wait… plug in the modem, wait… plug in the router, wait… turn on the desktop, turn on the printer, plug in the wii, turn back on the wifi on my laptop etc. Each and every time this happens. Sometimes it won’t happen for a week … sometimes it happens a couple of times a day.

I have several elderly neighbors who I’m sure don’t spend a lot of time normally on the phone … and if it’s only happening when they call out that would explain a lot. I changed the router channel again today and we’ll see if that helps. If it doesn’t, I’m going to look into putting the router somewhere else in the house (though I have a problem with where I can put it though since there is only one cable outlet in the house and am limited by ethernet cable lengths.) If all else fails I’m going to try tin-foil-ing the wall even though that sounds crazy. I’d rather look crazy than let dropped wifi actually drive me crazy… or am I already crazy?…who knows… it IS 5am…

4 thoughts on “I think my neighbor’s cordless phone is interfering with my wifi…”

  1. Buy your neighbors a new phone which uses a different range of frequencies, or live with it.

  2. If I knew which neighbor it was, I would.

    I used to have a cordless phone that I could walk about two blocks with before I’d lose the signal though… Plus what if they don’t want a new phone? Granted I wouldn’t know about that one until I asked but hey, I’m picky about my phones (even though they are cell phones.) Still, buying phones for people within a 2 block radius would be a little expensive, add in possibly having to buy more than one per house and possibly having THE one person with the phone that’s messing with my wifi refuse to switch out phones.

    Sigh, I have considered it. I think I’m going to tinfoil the wall now…

    Actually I’m going to add those tinfoil “windsurfer” antenna things to the router and see if they either help or if I can figure out what direction the problem is coming from.

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