This week in Twitter updates summary

Too much has changed lately so I’m posting:

1) Literally watching some of the smaller (but good) social media management tools say that they think they are going to stop supporting Twitter integration soon due to increased costs. Private Facebook group posts where they are telling customers to get feedback on how to handle things. Workarounds such as creating ways within their tools so people can create their own API access if they want to pay the fee to just setting up reminders to post to twitter and skip any type of actual integration.

The API access price increases don’t sound bad until you realize Twitter wants a minimum of $42,000 per month.

2) I’ve also watched another larger management tool go from a freemium model to paid only and no legacy free accounts. I have my suspicions that this is in order to to continue to support Twitter integrations.

3) A portion of Twitter’s code was posted on GitHub this week & they seem to now being going after anyone who downloaded it.

4) The Twitter For You Page will show you is posts from only paid accounts soon. Because they’re trying to figure out ways to get people to get the blue check mark that no sane person wants anymore.

5) Free Twitter accounts can no longer use SMS for 2FA (and some people may have been locked out of their accounts but I’m not sure on that since I didn’t run a trial on this one personally. Twitter had already turned off SMS for most of my accounts with no notification back in Nov-Dec.)

6) Twitter’s $1,000 checkmark will be free for the 10,000 most-followed companies. Maybe because companies pushed back on paying & the platform would suffer without the largest accounts?

And I will not be posting online how I use Twitter simply because I believe Twitter is trying to grasp at straws on any way to try and force businesses into paying various fees.

I may start posting soon on some what I’m seeing within the social media landscape because the world is changing quickly at this point.

I also may delete all of this as I start refocusing my personal website.