Resolution cheat sheets

I created this because I kept looking for a comprehensive reference sheet for this information and couldn’t find one. [last updated Sept 2017]

Pixel / Megapixel / Print dimensions / Camera Cheat sheet

Last updated on: sometime in 2016 I think
Size in pixelsCamera MegapixelsMax Size in inches @300 dpi for printPopular Cameras / Smartphones that shoot this resolution for photos
320x240-1.067 X 0.8
640x480-2.133 X 1.6
1024x768-3.413 X 2.56
1280x9601 Megapixel4.267 X 3.2
1600x12002 Megapixel5.3 X 4.0iphone 3g
2048x15363 Megapixel6.8 X 5.1iphone 3gs
2240x16804 Megapixel7.467 X 5.6
2560x19205 Megapixel8.6 X 6.4iphone 4 (front cam)
3032x20086 Megapixel10.107 X 7.58
3072x23047 Megapixel10.2 X 7.6
3264x24488 Megapixel10.8 X 8.1iphone 4s, 5, 5s & 6 (front cam)
GoPro HERO4 Session
Nikon 8800
3648 x 273610 Megapixel12.1 X 9.1
4000x300012 Megapixel13.3 X 10GoPro Hero4 Black or Silver
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
iPhone 6s
4288x321614 Megapixel14.2 X 10.7
needs to be updated16 Megapixelneeds to be updatedPentax K-50
needs to be updated18 Megapixelneeds to be updatedCanon EOS Rebel T5
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 60D
needs to be updated20 Megapixelneeds to be updated
needs to be updated22 Megapixelneeds to be updated
needs to be updated24 Megapixelneeds to be updatedNikon D3300
Nikon D3200
needs to be updated38 Megapixelneeds to be updatedNokia Lumia 1020*

Video resolution Cheat Sheet

Resolution name Horizontal x Vertical pixelsOther namesDevices
8K7680 x 4320noneConcept TVs
"Cinema" 4K4096 x [unspecified]4KProjectors
UHD3840 x 21604K, Ultra HD, Ultra-High DefinitionTVs
2K2048 x [unspecified]noneProjectors
WUXGA1920 x 1200Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics ArrayMonitors, projectors
1080p1920 x 1080Full HD, FHD, HD, High DefinitionTVs, monitors
720p1280 x 720HD, High DefinitionTVs