Involving customers in your products

I came across adagio tea’s sub-website today and thought it was an interesting way to get customers involved in their product (and it’s also another way to create links to their site across the web.) They send qualifying applicants a sample of that month’s tea for people to create food recipes with (I wonder if I will qualify.) They’re building a small community of avid loyal customers.

If you have a product based business:
What else can your product do (that isn’t it’s typical use)?
How can you get clients involved and active with your product?
What incentive can you give people to participate (samples, prizes, rewards)?

If you’re interested in food, my favorite food blogs are: and

Neat find at – MyMovies

A neat little thing I found today – not sure how long it’s been around – is that you can use the IMDB to make a list of movies and set up categories of your choice. Example: movies I want to watch, movies I want to buy, movies I own. These are some of the categories I set up for myself. Since almost every movie has an “Add to MyMovies”, it’s really easy to set up and organize.

By default the information is NOT public but you can set each category, if you want, to be available to the public; though it still seems to have some kinks with actually sharing.

The only other thing I don’t like, is that you can’t add movies that aren’t in the database. Since I have some surf movies that aren’t listed, it’s a little annoying but maybe they will adjust that in the future.