My current top 10 digital marketing tools March 2018

10 digital marketing tools I’m using right now (I’m not going to include Adobe Creative Cloud for the computer in this list because it’s pretty much a given that any graphic designer keeps this in their tool belt.)

  1. Mailchimp (for enewsletters)
  2. Pic Frame (collaging images or images & video)
  3. Spark Post (Motion text on pic – not video they have a way to go on video)
  4. Snapseed (quick pic editing)
  5. Splice (photos or videos into slideshows)
  6. Slow Fast (speed up or slow down video or portions of a video)
  7. Gif Toaster & Gif Cracker (converting to and from gif format)
  8. Fastory (for IG Stories)
  9. Wrike (for project management)
  10. and Sprout Social (for social media scheduling that does IG properly)

Bonus: Things I’m about to try out:

  1. Botletter (send newsletters via FB)
  2. Anchor (text animation / podcasting … I tried this back when it was just an audio recorder and haven’t come back to it recently)


Southland Association resignation – December 21, 2017

I am writing to inform you all of my decision to resign from my position as President of the Southland Association effective immediately.

I have proudly served on the board since 2005 and served as President since 2011. During that time, I have maintained my business and overseen, with the Board’s help, the development of bike lanes (with some sidewalks), “Welcome to Southland” sign, Southland Street Fair’s first 3 years, the annual meeting planning, 10 years of Tree Lightings, neighborhood relations for various construction projects and so much more.

I’m glad to have served this community with all of you. I am proud of our collective achievements and the significant progress and initiative made toward improving the Southland area.

Melissa Gayheart is interim VP and becomes interim president until someone else is elected. I have hopes that the board will come together with a plan to elect someone quickly but thoughtfully who is willing, eager and able to continue to carry out the mission statement of the Southland Association:

“Making the Southland Area a safe, attractive and welcoming place to shop, eat, do business and live.”

I will assist in transitioning the board with any existing paperwork and account information needed. A more detailed email will be going to the current board members as well.

Hilary Baumann

EDIT: Apparently it’s been so long even I got the dates slightly wrong on something with the Southland Association. I went back over my notes and I joined as a member in 2005 and became a board member in 2006 and president 2011 it looks like … oops…

Kind words regarding my resignation:

Hilary’s Weekly Roundup for November 17, 2017

A roundup of the most interesting things that have crossed Hilary’s desk this week (or last few weeks as the case may be when I’m WAY too busy.)

1.) What I’ve been up to:

#barn #sunset #kentucky #lexingtonkentucky #lexky #visitlex

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Happy dance! ? . Old phone left (a 5s) & my new precious on the right. IPhone X. . In recent years I walked into the Apple store no fewer than three times and couldn’t bring myself to buy the larger iphone Plus as an upgrade. First with the 6s and then with the 7. Couldn’t do it. . PLEASE do not make me regret early adoption on this!!! . Iphone on the left is in an amazing waterproof case … case for the X is on the way just to prevent scuffing and I know the X is water resistant but I want the waterproof case at some point because it can go deeper for longer (I have dunked my phone before … on purpose.) The case I want isn’t available until January. . And I did stay up til 3am hitting refresh on the Apple side because I wasn’t willing to buy via AT&T – they previously wanted me to enroll in their upgrade program even though I keep my old phones for various uses. And their customer service reps told me I shouldn’t want to keep my old phones (jerks) when I last inquired about a year ago. Still ok with AT&T just want going to buy my phone with them because of those interactions.

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? (testing out the iPhone X in low light – quick shot on the way to the car.)

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Not shown:

  • Car failure, oil change, alternator and battery replaced. Traumatic driving experience since the vehicle was failing slowly as I drove it. The oil change was in hopes that they could check why the battery light had come on and I needed the oil changed anyway. Nothing like driving and having lights come on and then the dash light dimming and RPMs stopped registering… while still making it to … close to your final destination. I still had to call AAA from the auto parts store to get it towed to the repair shop (though really they jumped it and I drove it to the repair shop with the tow truck behind me because the dash still wasn’t on.)
  • Chiropractor (I’m sore), client meetings, general work odds and ends, updates, upgrades, and respond to community questions for the Southland area.

2.) Important social media & web things:

3.) I’ve been reading / listening to:

  1. My takeaway which goes beyond what the article is saying: Technology is moving so fast that labels like “graphic designer” or “advertising agency” or “digital media” seem too restrictive and not descriptive enough for those who want broad crossover in their design and marketing while exploring the bleeding edge of things.  The Future Of Ad Agencies Might Not Be Advertising At All  [FastCompany] Though I will admit I’ve met some people who call themselves “storytellers” who drive me up a wall and seem to know nothing about value propositions so I don’t like that label either and it seems the one they most identify with.
  2. A framework for resolving software / development bugs used for something else: 
    Issue Overview
    Steps to reproduce
    Expected behavior
    Current behavior
    Possible Solution
    It’s clear that this is meant for program bugs but in this case they used it because something was lacking a clear roadmap for the entire project so some of the content IS important (I’m not posting this so you to understand Gutenburg better – I’m posting because it’s an interesting adaptation of a framework IRL.)
  3. James Corden Lives In The Moment. Here’s How I find it interesting to peek into people’s lives when the overview isn’t just superficial. This one is good.
  4. I’m loving investing and teaching myself how to invest. THIS was amazingly useful to know … How to Track Stock Data in Google Sheets – With GOOGLEFINANCE Function [tutsplus] Though I’m still not sure that my dividend yield info is correct because that is somehow not as straightforward as some other pieces. You should have more than one form of income if you want complex and complete freedom. I also have a set of rules for myself with stocks and at the core I remind myself that it’s gambling and I haven’t earned money until I SELL a stock or get dividends.
  5. Check and see if your most heavily used apps are compatible before upgrading operating systems (mac, windows, iOS)
  6. Effective Instagram Marketing for Clients [WPelevation] & I Read More Than 20 Instagram Studies so You Don’t Have to. Here’s What I Found [Buffer] Good checklists.
  7. Google Ventures HEART framework
    Task success
  8. CSI tv show tech is becoming REAL! This AI Turns Unrecognizable Pixelated Photos Into Crystal-Clear Images [FastCoDesign]
  9. This Is Why We Default To Criticism (And How To Change) [Fast Company]
  10. Innnnnteresting … using your website visitors cpus while they visit your website to mine bitcoin. Could be used as ad revenue replacement. Can be abused (overworking machines) or can be done ethically by setting a max load based on capabilities of machines using plugins. If I used this I would make sure I posted a note about how it’s being used.


4.) Creative inspiration:

5.) Favorite recent purchase / new tools:


iphone X … it was well past time for a new phone given what I do for a living. OMG I have been so far behind. I’m even in love with things like the live photos that the 5s couldn’t do.

I don’t think I need to count the ways I love this phone, it will probably bore you. 🙂


The case I bought it: Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case with Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection •

I like that:

  • there’s not much added bulk
  • but it makes it easier to hold the phone without feeling like you will accidentally throw the phone (seriously, I felt like the phone could just magically leap from my hand.)
  • reviews of this particular case across various models of phones is outstanding. I bought Tim this case for his older phone because he just replaced it (he broke his and the 4s wasn’t sufficient enough for some things he needed to do for a few months while he decided on whether the X was worth it for him.)

The additional case I plan to buy but it’s not out yet: Catalyst Waterproof case for Iphone X

Why do I even want a waterproof case? I have a history of deliberately dunking my phone and even thought the waterproof rating means I SHOULD be able to swim with this, I expect that rating to break down over time and use.

I had this brand on my 5s. They do last about a year to a year and a half with daily use before they start to have problems and lose some waterproofedness (fogging inside.) The current one for the 5s had a small bit of plastic break inside finally.

They also feature a spot for a camera strap which is a great option in case you want to adjust your buttons and swim with it (touch screens do not work underwater.)

Hilary’s Weekly Roundup for October 27, 2017

A roundup of the most interesting things that have crossed Hilary’s desk this week.

1.) What I’ve been up to:

2.) Important social media & web things:

3.) I’ve been reading / listening to:


VIDEO SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube 2017:

A little something from a car ride:



4.) Creative inspiration:

Halloween is coming … this is just a cool concept. Decorating digitally.



5.) Favorite recent purchase / new tools:

I’m looking for little ways to improve my life on a regular basis. Solving stupid things that annoy me regularly.

One of those things is that I hate drying my hair. I don’t look great with my hair chopped off. And actually I like longer hair but I just hate drying it and hair dryers. Hairdryers dry out my hands in the winter and in the summer make me feel like I’m overheating.

Excessive towel drying can equal frizzy mess. So I started reading about “plopping hair” because I have curly hair. But wasn’t into the idea of finding a tshirt to leave in the bathroom and also wanted something to make things faster with less hairdryer. Honestly didn’t care if my hair stayed curly or not but I wanted to look presentable faster.

I resort to wearing a hat WAY too often to avoid looking like a wet headed mess because I just don’t do that 2 hour beauty ritual some women apparently do (2hrs WTF?)

Then I found something that said microfiber towels dry faster without frizz. Where has this advice been all my life?!? I had some microfiber washcloths so I gave it a test run and was impressed. But washcloths really aren’t right for a full head of hair and I wanted more.

Enter the microfiber hair towel: It looks decent in the bathroom and is in fact super absorbent.

I don’t know if it’s legit microfiber because it’s not quite like my washcloths… but honestly what is microfiber really anyway and let’s revisit my goals. Dryer hair faster. This accomplishes that. I can finish with the hair dryer or leave the house and be dry enough by the time I get where I’m going.

It also has an elastic loop in just the right place that you can make a tight turban so you can continue to get dressed while your hair dries. I do expect the elastic loop to wear out well before I’m ready to buy a new towel though so that’s currently the only likely downside.

Would I buy another? Maybe. I think I also want to try one of the others that’s a little more microfiber as well just to see if any are better but I am really happy with this one. I rather like the waffle pattern because it reminds me of staying at a really good hotel.

Since I’m finalizing this post a few days late …

Towels … <snicker> I need more inside jokes … I may never be able to say towel or moon again without a certain image popping into my head of a very hilarious accident…