Throttling, Netflix, Comcast and YOU

Throttling … yes it’s a word. Learn it. Know it. It can be a bad thing. And it’s a very possible thing for Lexington if TWC becomes Comcast.

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Throttling can mean selectively slowing down service for one particular type of web traffic or source. Imagine if your ISP decided which sites you got to see quickly and which sites they wanted to slow down.

Example: Comcast throttled speeds of Netflix content so much that the streaming movies and tv shows were barely watchable. It was such a problem that making news this week was a deal where Netflix just paid in a roundabout way for that to stop being a problem.

While some people are saying that this is simply paying Comcast to be part of Netflix’s CDN (content delivery network) which is a legit thing they could be paying for:

Others see the payment as a round about way to get Comcast to stop punishing Netflix for being a competitor to cable tv:

Either way you look at it, “the deal ends a dispute that saw average Netflix streaming speeds decline on the cable giant’s network by nearly 30 percent in the past couple of months.”

It’s six of one and half dozen of the other.

But I’m in agreement with the quote at the bottom of the CNET article:

“It is clear that residential ISPs should be in the business of charging their users for access the Internet, not of charging the rest of the Internet for access to their users.”

“Local first” or is it “local only” Lexington?

Lexington is welcoming artists from around the world and showcasing their art as part of the  PRHBT festival. One piece in particular has garnered a LOT of attention partially due to it’s size as well as the week long project being out in the public.  Eduardo Kobra from Sao Paulo, Brazil painted the entire backside of the Kentucky Theater.

Eduardo Kobra Lexington KY Lincoln painting

It’s art so people will obviously disagree about whether or not it’s aesthetically pleasing (I like it but to each their own) but perhaps more importantly, people are criticizing Lexington officials over the promotion of artists that aren’t local. Really people?

I do think we need to get behind local artists but at the same time there’s still a whole lot of value in Lexington not being local artists exclusive.

Drawing attention to Lexington through an artist that is more nationally or globally known, maybe people who don’t live here will then come visit to see the artist they know and then be exposed to other local artists once they’re here? Just sayin’.

This is also why I have a hard time with the full tilt “buy local above all else” mentality. I’d lose a good chunk of my clients with my graphic & web design business if they were making choices based on where I live over what my skills are.

Would it really fair to an artist to make choices based solely on where they live over what their skills are?

It would be small minded. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying local within reason but I’m NOT for taking that to an extreme. The world is so much bigger and better than that!

Eduardo Kobra Lexington KY Lincoln and parking helix

Woodland Art Fair Lexington KY 2013

2013 list of artists for the Woodland Art Fair Lexington KY:

The artists that have websites are linked to from the images on that page.

 Classic Copper by Don Persinger animated

Above – animated gif I made of Copper sculptures by Classic Copper by Don Persinger of Lancaster, OH (no website)

Woodland Art Fair 2013 Map

Some of my favorites from the Woodland Art Fair 2013:Symbology earrings 2

Symbology – This was probably my favorite jewelry artist. Many pieces I could actually see myself wearing and in a price range that didn’t make me panic. Simpler and smaller without being completely boring or cheap.

Carol Reesor cloud painting

Carol Reesor had a cloud painting that I loved (didn’t catch the title) which was WAY out of my price range and already sold anyway by the time I had someone go look.

Danny Chu painting

Danny Chu Norcross GA (no website, no contact info, one of my favorites year after year) I remember liking his work a couple of years ago. No pricing listed and seems to not be in the booth when I go by. I’m not even sure if his art is for sale to be honest because I swear I saw a couple of the same paintings I liked a few years ago. Anyone know? Or know what price range? Or is this a “if you have to ask you can’t afford it” type thing? Another image from the LAL website: (This page might have the correct email address to contact him: )

chrishartsfield watercolor bourbon artwork woodford reserve blantons

Chris Hartsfield has some amazing watercolors. Particularly for anyone interested in bourbon, wine, or maybe you’re just trying to tastefully decorate a mancave. Woodford Reserve, Blantons, Pappy Van Winkle … various paintings had various brands. And not limited to bourbon – there are horse paintings and even a section of “girlie stuff.” 🙂

W Michael Meyer ohio fog 2

W Michael Meyer “Ohio Fog” on the top – these are a little more modern than I would typically go for but I like something about the style. All blocky but still somehow conveying something that’s softer at the same time.

q evon Mamma Jamma necklace

q evon – loved the texture in this necklace. And yet from further away it wasn’t overkill or “artsy fartsy” looking. Didn’t realize the price when I was looking at it but it’s still lovely.

Youngjoo Yoo earrings

Youngjoo Yoo -Super fun three dimensional silver patterned earrings. More easy to wear jewelry that’s still unique.

ron originals wall art

Ron Originals – Ok …  think many of his designs are really impressive and elegant… I just don’t know where I would personally put one that it wouldn’t look a bit cheesy in my own home. They really need the right piece in the right setting to I think look good.

Really there were TONS of excellent artists. I actually have a lot more photos but I think this is a nice selection of my favorites … oh before I forget.

You can’t miss the knitting around the tree this year:

knitting on tree at Woodland Art Fair 2013