I’m impressed – only 8 days

Only 8 days from bringing ClothingCult.com to life (9 days ago), I had someone link to my site. Not just someone link to my site, someone added me to their moderately short blog roll. It also came in the first listing because there were no blogs that had a letter before “C”. It’s one of the sites that I blogrolled but I’ve never talked to the person. I left a comment in response to their most recent post this evening though….before I realized they had linked to my site. It’s a fashion blog I actually read on a regular basis – http://styletribe.jealousofyouth.com/

ClothingCult has only been online for 17 days and it’s already had 152 unique visitors.

I submitted the site to google but no other search engines. I did set up a feedburner feed and some other blog related marketing … just not more of my traditional SEO and SEM that I usually do with a website.

I’m pretty impressed with it for such a short period of time. Hopefully it will continue to gain in popularity. 🙂

Blog Related Projects

I have been busy working on figuring out the ins and outs of wordpress recently. Granted you haven’t seen any changes on this site and that’s because I’ve been playing in a couple of different locations.

One new effort has to do with my habit of “window shopping” online when I want to take a quick break from working. ClothingCult.com has been born.

I’ve also used it as an effort to explore the various options available for affiliate advertising. I don’t want it to get too heavily laden with ads but I do want to see if I can get a small amount of residual income from it for my efforts.

Even though it’s only a week old, the people who have seen it so far have liked what they see.

I’m looking at setting up a second page for it that would be a wiki based shopping site diretory, but I haven’t started yet so it may end up turning into some other form of database. I’ve come across a lot of shopping sites I wanted to add and realized it was going to make the information in the side bar way too long.

WordPress Standard Install
The second project (and I actually started working on this before I started ClothingCult.com) is one that I had contemplated for a long time in the back of my head but a recent request from a potential client made me go ahead and take action.

It needs to be called something other than a “WordPress Standard Install” but I couldn’t think of anything else at the time and needed to put something together that will be a good working base for what I’m actually going to do.

The reason I wanted to work on this is because I get a lot of small business clients. They can’t always afford all of the bells and whistles at once. To do a more generic install instead of a customized template for them gives them something cheap now that can be upgraded to a full customized blog in the future. There is more information on that site for anyone interested.

St. Andrew’s Sermons
I have been using wordpress to set up an rss feed for itunes for this church’s mp3 sermons. Since there was already a web page layout in place, I quickly implemented a blog that isn’t linked to directly on the site. I may eventually revamp the wordpress layout so that is what’s linked to on the site to avoid a couple of additional steps that I have to go through now each time a sermon is added, but for now this has been the quickest to implement solution for them.


Ok – I’m still fiddling with settings and the templates and such. Right now it’s set on a template called Ocadia 1.1 and prior to that I was using Blix 0.9.1

There are aspects I like about each function-wise and both are decent looking but I want something that looks different and has some of the functionalities of each of these templates. Meanwhile if I switch back and forth you may end up with a couple of things looking a little funky here and there (archives and contact pages don’t show up in Ocadia for example.) So looks like I will be creating my own and learning what’s there to work with css-wise. Fun stuff.

Look for more to come in the near future.