Some links and my comments 02/12/05

Background to why I have this first link:
Around a year ago I didn’t have an oven. I would go to the grocery looking for food and usually craving something that had to be cooked in the oven. Not wanting to create a home cooked meal for the masses (stove top, microwave or crock pot were my options) I started looking around at my options. As I did this I started to see a pattern to what a lot of our society’s food is made up of:
• bleached white flour
• high fructose corn syrup
• hydrogenated oil

So technically my sister pointed out the last one about a month ago but still – this doesn’t sound like a healthy diet does it? Yet this is a good percentage of the process food we eat. I’m not saying stop eatting these things entirely – just suggesting that you be aware of them and as with anything “bad” for you, eat them in moderation.

With that said, Ice Cream keeps homeless people warm:,3604,1362500,00.html

I like this little bit a lot from this post:
“I have no interest in helping so many of these people steal from the pensioners and retirees who own shares in the companies that these executives are legally sacking.

Give me a small-business owner with a big dream. That’s who I want to help.”

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what I’m reading today 02/11/05

Links and articles I thought were interesting today:
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Shoplifting is cheaper than downloading something illegally:

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