Facebook changed groups setting from seeing “all posts” to “highlight notifications”

PSA – hidden in today’s updates I saw that Facebook has decided to change how often I see things from groups. Not just a few groups, it’s actually applied this to to all my groups (unless you had all notifications set to off under “in-app notifications” of which I had a couple.) If a certain group is vital to get all posts from, be sure to watch for this change and switch the group(s) back to “all posts.”

I don’t mind a new default but I dislike when they’ve decided to change existing settings in a way that might mess with what I’ve chosen for myself. Sure, some groups are too talkative and this will help cut back on some of the noise but the perfect example of where this is a terrible idea is say an event planning group (reunions for example) or a security notice group.

This is very much the kind of reason why Facebook can’t replace the internet even though it wants to.

I also recommend subscribing to blogs and news websites with a feed reader like feedly. Facebook should not be your one and only.

Edit: it’s worse than I realized, it turned ON notifications which I’m fairly certain I had turned off notifications for all groups (because I’m not a member of any group that’s important enough to get that kind of immediate attention on my phone.)