Hilary’s Weekly Roundup for October 27, 2017

A roundup of the most interesting things that have crossed Hilary’s desk this week.

1.) What I’ve been up to:

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VIDEO SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube 2017:

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Halloween is coming … this is just a cool concept. Decorating digitally.



5.) Favorite recent purchase / new tools:

I’m looking for little ways to improve my life on a regular basis. Solving stupid things that annoy me regularly.

One of those things is that I hate drying my hair. I don’t look great with my hair chopped off. And actually I like longer hair but I just hate drying it and hair dryers. Hairdryers dry out my hands in the winter and in the summer make me feel like I’m overheating.

Excessive towel drying can equal frizzy mess. So I started reading about “plopping hair” because I have curly hair. But wasn’t into the idea of finding a tshirt to leave in the bathroom and also wanted something to make things faster with less hairdryer. Honestly didn’t care if my hair stayed curly or not but I wanted to look presentable faster.

I resort to wearing a hat WAY too often to avoid looking like a wet headed mess because I just don’t do that 2 hour beauty ritual some women apparently do (2hrs WTF?)

Then I found something that said microfiber towels dry faster without frizz. Where has this advice been all my life?!? I had some microfiber washcloths so I gave it a test run and was impressed. But washcloths really aren’t right for a full head of hair and I wanted more.

Enter the microfiber hair towel: http://amzn.to/2gPwRq7 It looks decent in the bathroom and is in fact super absorbent.

I don’t know if it’s legit microfiber because it’s not quite like my washcloths… but honestly what is microfiber really anyway and let’s revisit my goals. Dryer hair faster. This accomplishes that. I can finish with the hair dryer or leave the house and be dry enough by the time I get where I’m going.

It also has an elastic loop in just the right place that you can make a tight turban so you can continue to get dressed while your hair dries. I do expect the elastic loop to wear out well before I’m ready to buy a new towel though so that’s currently the only likely downside.

Would I buy another? Maybe. I think I also want to try one of the others that’s a little more microfiber as well just to see if any are better but I am really happy with this one. I rather like the waffle pattern because it reminds me of staying at a really good hotel.

Since I’m finalizing this post a few days late …

Towels … <snicker> I need more inside jokes … I may never be able to say towel or moon again without a certain image popping into my head of a very hilarious accident…