Restaurants VS. allergies & celiac disease

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Call him out by name – Damian Cardone. It shouldn’t matter if he’s officially a “chef” or not. If he is making the choice to send out food that could harm someone he should be fired and called out for it. Heck, even if a waiter decided not to ask the chef and lied to the customer, that’s a problem AND a possibility as well.

I am not diagnosed with celiac disease HOWEVER if I ask for gluten free I would expect gluten free OR suggest some items that are gluten free. It is NOT appropriate for ANYONE to knowingly lie about what they are serving – EVER.

Even if it’s a food sensitivity instead of an outright allergy, many of us have worked really hard to figure out what makes us feel bad or flat out sick.

My worst allergy is bananas … yes seriously. It’s not life threatening for me but it does cause me to be in enough pain for about a 2-3 hour period that I have to just curl up in a ball, try to focus on something else and wait through the pain. Because it’s not life threatening I have been able to experiment on myself and find that it’s a starch problem; starches convert to sugar as a banana ripens or cooks. I can eat a mushy banana without pain (but it’s gross) and a slice of banana bread isn’t going to cause me to double over (though too much can.) It was actually an Alton Brown show about plantains that helped me figure this out. I had tried doing research online but nothing I found fit.

My point there is that just because my problem is unusual, it doesn’t mean it’s imaginary. I also may not react to it for an hour or two so if I were served something in a restaurant I might feel fine until I get home. Am I going to call the restaurant? No, I just won’t go back if I’m certain of the connection.

I also don’t eat too much of certain foods because it has a negative impact on my sinus allergies. I lived many years in an only semi-functional sinus allergy fog, I don’t want to go back. Eating too much wheat is part of this but there are other factors; things I now do and things I don’t do.

I don’t break out in hives or need an epi-pen but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get a choice.