More braindump

I watched a few more videos. A few really weren’t worth watching (“WorkFast TV interviews Mark Bernstein of PARC”… too much talk of past tech and not upcoming or useful tech. “WorkFast interview ‘Mr. Office 2.0′” was just not enough useful info for me. I actually fast forwarded a bit through these because I was bored with them.) I do have notes on another one though.

How Analytics Are Changing Business

My notes:
Web analytics: an hour a day book by: Avinash Kaushik
google analytics
market motive
Wasp plugin
Occam’s Razor (Avinash Kaushik’s blog)
keywords are not always what you want or expect people to be searching for – harvest keywords from the words and phrases people are actually using by reviewing your webstatsGoogle insights for search
Get ahead of the curve
Google trends

Compete research tool

2-5% of people don’t use cookies
There’s typically 1 blog comment to every 3 e-mails about a blog post

engaging websites
bounce rate
test and experiment
get customers involved in helping you evolve to the next level
multiple iterations of your site
make more money & create happier customers

1) use an analytics tool -things that don’t get measured don’t get improved
2) people ignore the power of surveys and usability on the web (
3) hire great analysts – if you have $100 to spend, spend $10 on the tool and $90 on the people. At the end of the day people make the difference.

yahoo index tools
wordpress – blog metrics plugin
when blogging, do something that is unique and has value
seo your blog posts